"Be quiet for 20 seconds while I daydream about my fantasy football team"

Imagine you were talking with a friend and all of a sudden they said “be quiet for 20 seconds while I daydream about my fantasy football team”. You would probably think that was rude. Well, what is the difference between daydreaming about your next big sports week and checking your smartphone?

The next time you are in a conference room meeting with several people, look around. I am willing to bet that at least half of them are looking at a digital screen of some sort periodically during the meeting.

But to win every meeting you have to be present.

That means that all devices are put away so you can focus on a meeting or interaction. If a coworker comes into your space and starts talking to you, make sure to look up and interact. When you feel loved you are more likely to love back. This principle isn’t just for personal rather all type of relationships, work included.

So see this as an opportunity: put the phone down in meetings, take handwritten notes and fast track being present and engaging the people around you.

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